Native DSD on Linux

Native DSD on Linux

Native DSD on Linux an be a challenge but there is a solution if you have the right DAC and software. This is how to do it.

To continue this journey with the Topping E30 that i talked about here and also found out that PCM to DSD sounds better, its time to play DSD native on Linux and it works.

In the first step i used Deadbeef and it works very good for play DSD over PCM, but i wanted native DSD on Linux. After a little research i came back to a old project again and also the use of the mpd to play DSD files. But still not what i wanted.

Finally i came across the commerical Jriver Media Center and here it was also not sure if it worked in Linux etc.

You can download the Linux version and it comes with a 30 days trial. I used it for 2 days and was happy with the result and bought it.

With Jriver Media Center you can play DSD files native on Linux and it really works.


First you have to select the right Audio Device. This in my case was Not the same as the Default Alsa in Deadbeef so you have to select the Right Device first.

In the next step you go into the DSP Studio and choose the format that your DAC use as the output. Here you have support for DoP and also native DSD.

Next is Device Settings and mark the option Output DSD files in native DSD

Finally the Best option is to use Bitstream your DSD signal without any filter etc. If you choose Bitstream you will NOT be able to use the Volume Controls in the software itself. You will do that on your system instead.

With Bitstream the DAC will switch between the different DSD files that you are using 64, 128 etc… More easy!

With DoP etc as i explained first you will have to set the output manually.

Bitstream will override you other settings when used so this is how to Enable it: In Settings you choose: Bitsreaming YES (DSD)

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